Want to Sell Goods Ex?

Often when a breakup, women and men do not want to store valuable items that have memories of a former lover. As a result, full of memorabilia items that were removed. Before doing that, it seems the people who experienced something like this had to visit this site first.

Is neverlikeditanyway.com, a website that facilitates people to dump stuff memories and then get the money. Web Founder Annabel Acton (28), who lives in Australia, itself inspired by a sad farewell.

Have two tickets to London, artwork, and jewelry that she did not want to use anymore, Acton did not know what to do with stuff memories. Encouraged by his friends, Acton decided to set up a kind of eBay Web site for couples who undergo this bitter reality.

Likewise, one of the service users of this site, Tara Jackson (25), a product development consultant, admitted selling a piece of jewelry in a week on this site. She said she loved the diamond bracelet when his old girlfriend gave it a few years ago, but after his ex left him, he had to throw it away.

“I would kill myself if I met him and I’m wearing it,” says Tara. He also sold bracelets for $ 500, sold for $ 230. With this he felt it was a bit of revenge.

Tara reveals that in fact her ex-husband was trying to get back, but it seems he has no plans to pardon him.

For those users who want promote site, provided the product column to tell its story. In addition, there is also the original price and the price of a divorce, the price when sold on this site are of course low prices.

“Dating for 10 years and did not want to commit to marriage. He was more committed to work and travel and do not want to settle, “said isabella12 accounts tell the story of products.

Although already on display at the site, but it seems to prospective buyers can bargain to find a suitable price. Want to join selling?