The Developmental Stages of Your Small (0-9 months)

Here you will know the initial stages of your baby will be experienced in the uphill age (0-9 months). Take a look, whether child development is in conformity with the growth and development stage should be. If not, is there a delay in growth and development?

0-3 Months

Learn to lift his head.
Follow objects with her ​​eyes.
Looking at people and smiling faces.
Reacting to the voice / sound.
Spontaneous babbling.
3-6 months

Lift head 90 degrees.
Reaching for objects.
Putting objects in the mouth.
Laugh or cry out when to play.
Trying to find lost objects.
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Research About Coffee and Caffeine Consumption

From the results of the literature review, the association between coffee consumption and increased risk of cardiovascular disease is generally lost after adjustment for (1) coronary heart disease risk factors of conventional and (2) a strong correlation with coffee consumption of unhealthy living habits. In fact some studies have shown a protective effect of coffee consumption on coronary heart disease in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Study in Finland shows results stratified inverse association between coffee drinking to risk of type 2 diabetes, but the mechanism / theoretical basis of this reduced risk is unclear (Tuomilehto et al, 2004).

Werner and Bohm (2006), refers to penelitain prospective cohort of Lopez-Garcia (2006), says there is no association between coffee consumption and an increased risk of fatal and non-fatal myocardial miokardiak. Of this study also showed no correlation between coffee consumption and incidence of DM. The study also did not confirm an association between coffee consumption and arterial hypertension. This is corroborated by the results of the study Winkelmayer et al (2005) found no linear association between caffeine consumption and incident hypertension. Habit of consuming coffee is not associated with an increased risk of hypertension, it is in contrast to regular consumption of cola drinks or diet cola drinks associated with hypertension. Continue reading “Research About Coffee and Caffeine Consumption”

Oily Hair and Face in

Address how this oily skin, especially in skin and facial hair, that hair is not easy greasy?

Oil and sweat are two different things, the producing glands was different. Oil or sebum glands numerous in the face, neck, chest, head and back. Its main function is to moisturize the skin.

In some people, the production of excessive sebum glands that interfere with performance. One way to control the production of sebum glands are the proper cleansing process.

Be careful in deciding to do scrubing rough, because it is not uncommon even cause irritation to the skin, whereas irritant itself would trigger the sebaceous glands to produce. So, clean the skin gently but thoroughly. Continue reading “Oily Hair and Face in”

Aging Characteristics

Peak of the aging process is taking place in the age range 30 years and over, with a number of features such as:

Dry and Rough Skin (Xerosis cutis). This condition is characterized by redness, scales and cracks, caused by lack of skin fat and water content and the decrease of oil and sweat gland activity.
Wrinkles and Loose Skin (Wrinkle and Laxity). Skin looks rigid, inflexible and inelastic. It occurs due to changes and reduction in collagen fibers and elastic fibers that keep the skin elasticity.
There Dull skin and aging Form (pigmentation). Aging can be a form of black spots evenly (melasma) and local spots (freckles and Lentigo). This condition occurs such as due to reduced skin’s ability to release the old skin cells and replacing them with new skin cells.
Tumor-skin tumors. These tumors are classified as benign tumors, with the form of tiny spots on the skin (and seborrheic keratosis Actinic keratosis) as well as a yellowish fatty deposits around the eyes (Xantelasma). All three could appear as you age, due to exposure to sun or due to genetic factors., there are also lesions pre-cancer. Although the first 3 classified as benign, lesions pre-cancerous skin lesions (usually in the form of a mole that enlarges, bleeds easily with uneven black color and certain parts are more concentrated) should immediately consult a physician.

Calculation of Weight Loss With Standard Brocca

Brocca make the definition ideal weight by the formula:

(Height – 100) – 10% (Height – 100)

Brocca measurement method is already well known among the common people as the most easy to understand and use. So many are assuming that if the weight is just above provisions Brocca then someone already feel fat. Brocca actually more appropriate calculation applied to adolescents and young adults. If applied to those older people are often less appropriate, because in addition to height and weight there are many other factors that must be considered.

Factors that are not taken into account in the standard include skeletal Brocca different in each person; composition of muscle, fat, and water are different. In fact, this difference was evident from the difference between the sexes. Example: women tend to have a higher fat composition than men. In contrast, men have more muscle composition.

In addition, a person’s physical activity will also affect body composition. Someone who has a habit of regular exercise will have more muscle composition compared to someone who does not exercise. Age is also a factor to consider. With the increasing age of the person, physical activity will decrease and basal metabolism decreases.

Dinner With Family

The importance of eating together in the family has been shown in studies conducted by the University of minesota, Harvard and Rutgers. Research shows that children who eat with their parents will always eat more fruits, vegetables, foods rich in calcium, vitamins, nutrients, and consume less junk food.

Several other studies show that children who eat with family is always a lower risk of doing bad behaviors, such as smoking, drug use, and alcohol consumption.

Children of families who are very attached to consume a healthy diet to get better grades in school and are at low risk taking drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol.

For children who rarely ate with family, girls who eat dinner alone consume fewer fruits, vegetables, calcium-rich foods, and more foods and soft drinks than girls who ate with their parents. Girls who eat with their parents consume more calories.
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Vitadigest a combination of Dextrin and inulin, both belonging to the KH complex.

= Polysaccharide dextrin and inulin = fructans / group of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. So both include the type KH are soluble (soluble).

Vitadigest not a kind of oat, but Vitadigest is combined dextrin (partial breakdown of starch) and Inulin (fructans). Digestible dextrin, usually derived from starch. There is a source of whole grains, seeds, tubers, rice, corn, wheat heated dry, for example in the process of baking bread.

Sources of Inulin / fructans are cereals, onion, garlic, asparagus, dahlias, and so forth.

Inulin is not digested in the small intestine and most of fermented in the large intestine. Therefore inulin helps the growth and development of colonic bacteria thereby increasing stool weight. Thus inulin may help healthy digestion.

Nature of both the soluble and tends to increase stool weight, also reduce transit time in the gastrointestinal tract, and can control the metabolism of glucose and fat in the body.

Reverend Break Record World’s Largest Drum Drummers

LAKEVILLE – A priest managed to break the Guinness World Records as the greatest drummer in the world. This involves record-breaking number of 813 cymbals on the drums.

Mark Temperato, managed to beat the previous record of 450 which only uses additional components on the drum instrument.

To break the Guinness world record, 56-year-old man must hit all the components contained in the drum either sitting or standing position.

“I have memorized all the drum parts that I have this raft. There’s something in my brain as a pianist, but they only need to remember the 88 keys,” said Temperato, as quoted from the Metro, Wednesday (31/07/2013).

“My hope now wanted to penetrate 1,000 components in a drum set that I made,” he added.

As is known, a musical instrument consisting of drums, cymbals, cowbells, gongs and other parts. All the instruments were kept in a church in Lakeville, New York.