Choosing Smart Snacks

Many of us who like to snack while certain times. It turns snacking habit is not entirely bad.

According to Prof. Dr.. Made Astaman of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), snacking can be a good habit as long as we choose cemilannya smart.

Indonesia is the third country in the world where people eat a lot of snacks-after China and Japan. Small food sales increased from 11% (2007) to 15% (2008). Snacks are many in the market on average contain lots of fat, sugar and / or sodium. This type of snack food category with value indeksglikemi (IG) high. Then snacks should be avoided by people with type 1 and 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (excess fat), kidney problems, cancer and obesity.

IG is the carbohydrate content in food, which can raise the body’s blood sugar levels with a value between 0-100. Based on the research of Prof.. Dr.. Made Astawan with MOH and MOA, categorize snacks on the market as a food with a low GI (<55), medium GI (55-70), and high GI (> 70).
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Tips to Sleep Well Every Night

Sleep is a fun activity. Release all the fatigue we slept for a full day to get back to recharge the energy to start the next day’s activities.

Normal sleep duration for adults is 8 hours. However, not everyone can sleep on the normal sleep time. While sleeping, our body also repair damaged cells in the body is also made up our minds to be more calm. Lack of sleep can lead to emotional instability, fatigue, reduced ability to think. Unfortunately, many people who find it hard to sleep at night. Although it had intended to sleep, but can not shut eyes and no drowsiness. How can you enjoy a good night’s sleep?

Do not eat too much at night

Try to keep your dinner does not go through at 19:00. Full stomach causes the body still in the process of digestion, so the body is not rested. Although not a heavy meal, also reduce the consumption of snacks in the evening.

Do not engage in activities that preoccupy bedtime
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Beware 7 pitfalls to gain weight

Every woman would fear getting fat. Various methods are used in order to lose weight so ideal. The most feared is the obesity that occurs precisely because of the pregnancy.

Once a mama, unwittingly daily habits began to change. Snacking while watching cartoons together with your child or play with him while sitting has contributed greatly to the increase in the number on the scale.

If you burn less than 100 calories per day compared to before had a child, the weight will increase by 5 pounds in a year’s time. The good news, a mama is not necessarily a package deal with body fat, if you know how to avoid common pitfalls like this.

Portions are not adjusted
When pregnant, you need about 300 extra calories of food intake per day. The number increased to 500 calories a day when you are breastfeeding. So usually you allow yourself to eat more than usual. So not pregnant and breast-feeding, metabolism slows up as it was before pregnancy. So, your body adjust to the change. How, by reducing approximately 2 tablespoons of the portion normally. Habits during pregnancy that needs to be maintained is a healthy lifestyle such as exercising regularly, stay away from cigarettes, and get enough rest. Continue reading “Beware 7 pitfalls to gain weight”

Tomato Protect Skin From Wrinkles

You want to know the secret of eternal youth? By eating tomatoes, your skin will remain intact.

The team of researchers from the British Society for Investigative Dermatology, which is a combination of Manchester and Newcastle University found that eating five tablespoons of tomato sauce per day can help improve your skin and protect it from the effects of ultraviolet light. The result was, tomato effective in preventing premature aging, even in patients with cancer.

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Beware of Addiction Supplements!

“People should be critical,” said Prof. dr. Frans D. Suyatna, PhD, SpFK, professor of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Faculty of Medicine. Many people who lack understanding of multivitamins, minerals in high doses, and other supplements that come from other countries. Though it is not impossible that the product is only suitable for people in the state created a supplement. If people like us who have the asian physically smaller and not suitable to consume these supplements can be harmful.

May include nutritional supplements such as vitamins, or non-nutrients, such as the herbs that are not essential (in the sense required by the body).

Supplements in general should be consumed every day. A variety of supplements for the body to function:

Adding functionality to eat and other nutrients
Strengthen the immune system
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Fish Oil Helps Overcome Psychological Problems

Recent studies have found that consumption of fish oil for 12 weeks to make high risk adolescents experiencing mental illness are less likely to go crazy. Fish oil is effective if taken for a year.

These findings come from a trial involving 81 adolescents who had a mean age of 18 years. All participants were on the verge of psychiatric disorders. One year after joining the study, 11 of the 40 adolescents who only dealt with placebo pills (not contain fish oil) had a psychiatric disorder. Being from the second group (41 teenagers) only two children with psychiatric disorders.

The second group of participants had started the year by taking fish oil capsules rich in omega-3 for 12 weeks.

Other therapies, including psychiatric drugs, no one has been able to free the patient from symptoms after such a long time to stop using. In addition, psychiatric drugs tend to have serious side effects, including weight gain, sexual dysfunction . Moderate fish oil pills have no side effects. Continue reading “Fish Oil Helps Overcome Psychological Problems”

Fatigue In Eye

Eye fatigue is often referred to as Computer Eye Syndrome or asthenopia in medical language.

Computer Eye Syndrome is a condition in which the eyes are not specific manifest as fatigue, pain, blurred vision, headaches and so on due to computer use after other causes excluded. The first thing we can do is re-arrange the monitor settings and room to work, so that adverse effects can Computer Eye Syndrome minimized.

Comfortable Viewing Position

Looking at an object near the eye muscles make us work extra. You can try to get more relax your eye muscles. One way to rearrange the order of your monitor. Here are tips to set it:

Seek your monitor is approximately arm’s length from your eyes (Â ± 50cm)
Place the monitor is lower than your eyes
Keep the monitor has a slope of 10 â € “20-degree vertical field of view making it easier for you
Put the monitor on the desk (do not put in the CPU)
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Come check Renal Function

Kidney function is to regulate the amount of water in the body to fit the needs. If the excess water in the body, the kidneys will secrete more water. If the deficiency is put on hold. In addition, the kidneys also serve to remove toxins produced by the body.

Water is the source of life and the biggest component in the body. Therefore existence must be arranged in such a way. An easy way to know the function of the kidneys is to look at the amount of urine that comes out. Under normal circumstances, amount to 1000-1500 cc of urine in 24 hours for men and women. More scientific examination can also be done by checking levels of creatinine in the blood. Creatinine is a substance which is only removed by the kidneys, not other organs. If these substances increases, the renal function must also be wary of.
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Leica Rangefinder Camera Delivers Two: Leica M and Leica ME

Leica introduced two new cameras including family rangefinder cameras, Leica M and Leica ME. Together with M-Monochrom, Leica now has three models of digital rangefinder camera.

Leica M comes equipped with a CMOS sensor Leica M 24 megapixels. Given all future M models will also be called “M” only, the new model will be called Typ 240 to avoid confusion. This is the first Leica rangefinder camera has a live view on the LCD screen, with  to determine the focus through the lens. Leica M is also compatible with R-mount lenses. Typ 240 is also the first M is capable of recording video, with support for Full HD 1080p video recording at 25 or 24 frames per second.

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LeiCanon: Canon DSLR Juggle Being Leica Camera

For a photographer from San Diego named Robert Benson, Leica Noctilux 50mm f/1.0 lens for U.S. $ 6500 that he had a very special lens. But unfortunately expensive lens was never used because it does not have the Leica camera body. Finally, by using these legendary lens, the photographer who used to deal with clients such as Apple, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal’s take the extreme decision to modify his Canon 5D Mark II and named LeiCanon.

Conducted by Robert Benson is not a common modification as do the fans a manual lens on DSLR body with just installing the converter lens holder. 5D Mark II camera into this experiment were cut out in order to standardize camera similar to Leica and handled by highly skilled professional technicians.

Robert Benson said: “All components of the 5D Mark II for his release, including mirrorbox recalibrated. Mirrorbox reassembling a machine with high precision and is performed by a technician who has more than 30 years. The goal is that the distance between the lens mirrorbox and maintain compliance Leica camera is 27.8 mm. Continue reading “LeiCanon: Canon DSLR Juggle Being Leica Camera”