Review: Sony Ericsson XPERIA Active

Sony Ericsson seems to try to find another gap in the Android smartphone market products. Through XPERIA Active, automatic segment directed to those who are young, active, but still pay attention. Moreover Active priced with Live View, a touchscreen wristwatch that also as notifikator different events on your phone. Is this an outdoor smartphone that you have been looking for this?

By design, Active nothing like an outdoor phone. The design is quite unique, with the connection holes are “stand alone” at the bottom of the body, which also serves as an opening rear outer casing. At the bottom there is a rear body cover that serves to prevent the entry of water into the engine, so overall Active has 3 parts which can be easily separated.

Unlike most other mobile phones, Active putting a 3.5mm jack and a microUSB port on the bottom, complete with a lid that must be used when you want to invite Active activity in the water. While the power button itself is on the left, and the volume buttons on the right side. Not to forget the 3 pieces touch sensitive buttons below the screen to access functions Back, Home and Menu.
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Of Olive Oil To Vinegar, Natural Ingredients Safe to Clean House

Of Olive Oil To Vinegar, 3 Natural Ingredients for Safe House Cleaning

Cleaning the house is a household chore that must be done every day. But most of the tools household cleaners contain chemicals. Continuous exposure to chemicals can cause health problems such as shortness of breath, allergic to poisoning.

To minimize the negative impact of the use of detergent, gel or liquid chemical cleaner, you’ll want to replace it periodically with a natural cleanser. Here it is three natural ingredients that are safe and can be used to clean the house.

1. White Vinegar
The aroma is less pleasant, but white vinegar may be natural cleaning agents that are safe for the family. This multiple objects and furniture that can be cleaned using a vinegar and how:

– Mix half a cup of vinegar with hot water to clean the floor. Mixture of vinegar can make the floor clean and bright instantly. If you do not like the scent, you can add a little lemon juice that smells fresher.

– Fill a spray bottle with water and vinegar, 3 ratio (water): 1 (vinegar). Use this as a cleaning spray furniture such as tables, display or windows.

– To remove stains on the carpet, flush the affected area with vinegar stain and stick a towel over it. Tap-tap (do not rub) the stain so that the vinegar and absorbed into the towels. Do this several times until the stain fades, new clean using soap and water.

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Let’s Create The calamari dish with Assorted Condiments

Want to make a squid dish that is different from usual? Let’s try to make it with various spices as quoted from this detikfood. Garlic seasoning, a little ginger, and soy sauce to make it so the UK even more delicious. Spicy, savory and slightly sour squid also makes it more comfortable alone. Moreover, the fragrant aroma of fresh kecombrang accentuated when chewed.



Check out the recipe here.

1. Seasoned squid Ketchup UK
500 g fresh squid
1 tsp baking soda
1 tablespoon margarine
2 cloves garlic, crushed, chopped
1 tablespoon finely sliced ​​green onion
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoons soy sauce Britain
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
1 lime fruit

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Up Close with NVIDIA Tegra 3

In 2012, soon arrived, and one thing that is certain is that more smartphones and tablets with more powerful performance and amazing. One of the technologies that make this possible is the Tegra 3 chipset from NVidia.

Nvidia Tegra 3 is functionally has brought quad-core processor, but includes a “companion” core five. All of these are core Cortex-A9, a name familiar to you of course, but the core is produced by the companion special low power silicon. This means that the system will use less energy at low clock rates, and higher at higher clock, and therefore the speed is limited to 500 MHz only.

In addition there is a special logic which allows transfers between cores companion to one of the major core quickly, in order for the smartphone or tablet can kill all the main core so that it runs only on the companion core. It would make more efficient use of resources, including time in a standby mode. According to NVIDIA, power savings also occur when playing music or even play video content.
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Twitter users type are you?

In the midst of visual technologies that have increasingly sophisticated today, the text still get heart among the young and old alike. Twitter has proved it. Classified as a unique social network, only through the 140 characters Twitter is able to attract millions of users. Even in China with strict Internet control system, Twitter users have penetrated 300 million.

Among the millions of users, there are eight types of Twitter users based on his tweet. Including type are you?

This type has the ability to captivate people when reading his tweets, although limited by 140 characters. Be prepared for your smile when he saw his tweet or tweet when commenting and responding to others.
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What to Do & Avoid to Keep Eyes Healthy

Too long staring at computer screens, TVs and cell phones can cause strain on the eyes. If you do not rest your eyes and lack of nutrition, the eye can lose its ability to see well.


There are several ways you can do to improve eye health. Ie with a diet and a healthy lifestyle. Important things to do and avoid:

1. Complete Nutrition
Vision will get better if you eat a healthy and balanced nutrition. Inadequate intake of protein, vitamins and minerals every day which is present in vegetables and fruits. Spinach, carrots and tomatoes are some good types of vegetables consumed. As for the healthy protein, you can get from nuts or fish.

2. Leave Bad Habits
Some bad habits can create eye strain and reduce visibility. Avoid reading in low light places. Should not watch TV while lying down and in the dark room. Get used to not stare at the phone screen in the dark because it will make the eyes work harder to adapt to bright light.

3. Do not Drink Too Much Water in the Morning
Dr.. Bharti explained, “The second mistake most people do is drink a lot of water in the morning, because a lot written in the book can cleanse the digestive system.”

But drinking too much water at once can increase the strain on the eyes and if done continuously will increase the risk of glaucoma (blindness slowly). Enough to drink a glass of water in the morning and drink it mouthful by mouthful. Not all at once.

4. Use Eyeliner
Be careful in using eyeliner. Eyeliner should only be used outside the line of the eye, not the inside. This is to avoid eye infection if the tip eyeliner unhygienic. Therefore always keep the cleanliness of your makeup tools. Clean the tip eyeliner with tisue, or the look on a regular basis if your eyeliner pencil shaped.

5. Do not Clean Eye with Ordinary Water
When washing the face, usually you will also splashed water on his eyes. Stop the habit of now. Tap water or ground water may contain bacteria that can enter the eye when you clean your face. This can cause irritation. Close your eyes while washing your face with water, unless you are using a mineral water that has been sterilized.

Create an Ad-Touch, Video Dove 6.5 Million Watched Times In 3 Days

Dove beauty products has just released a campaign ad that women are more confident with their beauty. Ads that are now popular enough to touch it on You Tube. In just three days the ad has been watched 6.5 million times.

When the news was made Attendance ads Dove ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ that has reached more than nine million. As quoted by Female First, the video is so popular, to the extent that a second video after the most watched video new single Psy, ‘Gentleman’.

The Dove ad featured a number of women who come into a room. Inside the room is no ordinary painter sketch served in the police named Gil Zamora. The woman who came was asked to sit in a chair near Gil. There is a limit tira which they so Gil and woman staring at each other or can not meet face. Gil then ask every woman who comes to describing what their face shape and hair in detail. Of explanation that he made the sketches.

In other scenes are shown there are a number of other people came into the room again. People who come are then asked to describe a woman who had just seen before. Gil returned sketch of another person’s explanation.

Two sketches were produced Gil of every woman in the Dove video. The first sketch of her portrayal result itself looks very different from the second sketch. In the second sketch is a depiction of the results of ‘foreigners’, women become more attractive. Shortcomings described every woman when asked Gil tells of his face does not seem to look in the second sketch.

“When I was asked to be a part of this film for Dove, I could never imagine how different the two sketches,” said Gil.

According to Gil he sketches the women who self-images have the wrong perception about themselves. The women underestimate their self beauty and it affects the life lived.

Based Dove record, only 4% of women around the world who call themselves beautiful. Reflecting on the results of the research, through the campaign ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ brand which is known for its shampoo and soap that tries to invite every woman to be more confident with the natural beauty possessed.

Importance Keep Current Health Vacation, Do These 7 Things

Vacation is a fun activity, but you also have to pay attention to health that can be enjoyed to the fullest. You certainly do not want to be bothered holiday fun moment because the body is less fit. Do not let these things would lead to undesirable.

Health is very important vacation time wherever you are. The following tips:

1. Keep the fixed
For specific medications, be sure to remain in the original package, this will help you look for in a foreign place. Time in the hotel anyway apply proper hygiene at home. Mattress provided may look clean but it does not hurt cleaned again so that no insects that make the body itching. Save underwear or dirty clothes in a sealed container.

2. Healthy snacks
Should bring their own healthy snacks to keep watch during the trip. Eg, oatmeal in a sachet. You can ask the stewardess provide hot water to brew. Other healthy foods, While resting in the middle of the trip as a salad choose healthy food without excessive dressing.

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Hands On: Lenovo A60

Recently launched, we had the opportunity to interact directly with Lenovo A60,  How is our first impression of the design and the interface is adopted?

Embraced the concept of a standard candybar or bars, display A60 can be said quite minimalist and elegant. With 3 physical buttons on the front section, side by side with the volume button camera button on the right side of a 3.5mm jack, USB port and the power button on the top, A60 also gives the logo “Wo” on the left hand side of the screen. It was unclear what the logo meant to resemble the symbol “Walkman” have Sony cs. this. At the rear main camera embedded accompanied by speaker, and is also equipped with a front camera.

Without glancing at the specs, A60 weighs almost the same as the BlackBerry Torch when I’m rocking with both hands. Although dominated by plastic materials, the structure of A60 still feels sturdy and solid. Unfortunately, the physical buttons feel hard when pressed, no bouncy effect which makes it convenient fingers accessing it.

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HZ800: Qualified Headset, Futuristic Design

The need for freedom is very important call. The use of cord wrapped around can certainly interfere with the motion of having to fix the cable loops. But when you want to switch to a Bluetooth headset, another concern arises on sound quality. Motorola HZ800 try to address these issues and concerns.

Motorola HZ800 promises the best sound quality by dampening the sound of wind and noise from outside, so the recipient can clearly hear the sound of his interlocutor on the other side.

Do not just believe the promise, OktoMagazine trying to prove himself. When looking at his first appearance, HZ800 looks quite stylish and compact design with a shiny body looks elegant. Seeing the designs brought to films like Star Trek with futuristic tools.

Quite by design, HZ800 also try to be connected to the device. When turned on and connected to your smartphone, Motorola’s Bluetooth headset output directly to try to detect the device.
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